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A Royal Flush Beats a Full House

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Dear Royal Rooter managers,


One of your emplyees came to my house because I was lost and didn't know what to do about the leak I had coming from my toilet. Every time I would flush the toilet it began to run out from underneath and flood my room. When I called your compnay the lady on the phone made me feel at ease and kind of told me what to do, she reassure me that the technician that was coming out would explain everything in detail and showed me what to do if it happened again. He fixed my problem, cleared my drain and then cleaned up afterwards. I didn't ask him to, he just did it; being a woman that meant a lot to me.


I will pass aling this experience to my freinds about what wonderful company you are and how I was treated. Oh! And the price was just right. Thank you again.


-HELE, from Vista, CA


To whom it may concern,


The Better Business Bureau referred you to me because I needed a plumbing contractor to redo my water lines. I have had another company out to look at the problem and their estiamte was very high. Your company came over and did a thorough check on my pipes and decided a reroute of the water lines was the best way to go. The man gave me an estimate on the spot and I didn't have to wait like the last guys. The price was right and I contracted the work to be done.


The next day you started and by following day I had new pipes. Quick service and reliability was the key to this whole job. You made me feel comfortable that you could do the job adn that I could rely on you. You have a new customer for life.


-JOHN & ANGIE, from Oceanside, CA

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